Sensual Goddess Workshop


23rd May 2024

🥀Sensual Goddess Retreat is a completely unique offering with the intention of using Voice, Body & Breath to open the female body to more pleasure, joy & sensuality.  Yoga becomes a moving prayer, a juicy sensual ritual  that caresses and comforts the soul. Through uniting the heart & womb( emotional & sexual energy) we open the capacity to meet our divinity through the body. This is very much suited to the container of a retreat or womens circle. ❤️

🔻 Sensual Goddess YogaWomb Yoga

🔻Dance of Love

🔻5 Senses Nature Walk

🔻Sensual Rituals



Cost- 85euros Includes Lunch


Clara 0873694509

Revolut : 0873694509

Location – North Wexford – Y21p922