She is the founder of Earthwise Yoga.

Yogini, Ritual Dancer, Womb Medicine Woman,  Weaver of Earth Magick & Deep Soul Embodiment.

Hi Beautiful Souls. I am Clara Doyle, I have dedicated the last 16years to my own personal healing and growth which has been a challenging but immensely worthwhile journey. Alongside this I’ve completed many trainings in Yoga, Womb Healing, Dance, Sacred Sexuality & Healing. My work is inherently intuitive, everything is guided in the moment by the grace of Shakti. Her flow is the current I follow in the way I teach/ facilitate. Its my absolute passion to help women connect to themselves in ways that enhances their lives and inspires them to fall in love with what it means to be a woman. This is the journey I have been on and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to now guide other women. It is a great honour for me to walk beside those who choose the path of deep inner alchemy & soul embodiment.
I have been teaching & facilitating for over 16years. For the past 8years I have worked primarily within the sacred container of a Women’s Circle. The deep healing that I have personally experienced and witnessed within these circles is an  inspiration for the way that I work. The circle offers us a new way of relating, here within the circle we find strength, courage, support, compassion and most importantly we experience the power of sisterhood.


Clara is a 500 hour registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Training’s  & courses taken by Clara

Hatha Yoga Intensive Training -New Zealand- 5years.

Holistic Therapies-2years

Everyday Goddess Training(Sacred Sexuality)-Ireland- 2years (continuous)- (Trish Cameron-Star).

13 Moons Celtic Iberian Shamanism – Iris Lican

Wild Medicine Dance Training-Glastonbury- Iris Lican

Feminine Sexual Alchemy- Universal Healing Tao Ireland

Shamanic Womb Massage – Angie Twydall Glastonbury 

Yoni Club- Bonnie Bliss

Female Pelvic Freedom- Isa Herrera

Ayurveda for Women’s Wellbeing- Rachel Collins

Sacred Body Wisdom- Anaiya Sophia

Magical Herbalism – Diploma course

From Ancient Roots to Present- bringing goddess alive in our world today- Kathy Jones

Herbal Apprenticeship- Nikki Darrell

Moon Mother Training- Ireland-Miranda Gray.

Womb Yoga for Women’s Well Being- Stroud U.k.- Uma Dinsmore Tuli.

Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training- Ireland- Uma Dinsmore Tuli Yoga.

Yoga,Ayurveda,Tantra- Ireland- Chinnamasta Stiles

Vinyasa Yoga 200hr- Spain- Green Lotus Yoga.

Yin Yoga- Josh summers

Through bringing together a yogic lifestyle closely connected to nature and a space for people to come and share the experience of yoga, Earthwise creates a welcoming sense of community spirit.