Womb Medicine Healing Day

27th Jan 2024

Womb Medicine Retreat is an offering to women to take some time out to nourish their bodies and reconnect with their womb space.  This retreat offers  the space needed for you to rest so that you can come into a quieter space dedicated to reconnecting and placing your loving attention where it most needed, in your Body, Heart & Womb.

 It is essential for a woman’s wellbeing that she establishes a healthy relationship with her womb,  this can often be a challenging journey as for so many women their womb has been a source of pain rather than power. To help shift the experience of the menstrual cycle as a source of pain rather than power the day includes a workshop introducing you to some daily rituals that can help improve any menstrual issues. Rooted in the wisdom of Ayurveda  the workshop offers some insights about how your daily routine impacts your experience of the menstrual.

The day includes;
Yoga/Breathwork/Yoga Nidra
Heart- Womb Meditation
Wise Womb Self Care Rituals Workshop
Homecare for Breast & Womb Health
Womb healing Ceremony ( Munay Ki Rite of the Womb)
Contact Clara via Whatsapp 0873694509
Cost 80euros via Revolut 0873694509 ( Lunch Included)