Return to Innocence

21st-23rd June 2024


🥀 Dear women, I am offering a weekend workshop on Female Sexuality. The intention of the this offering is to help women get to know their own bodies. Sexuality, like anything else is something we can educate ourselves about to feel more empowered. Our Sexual Wellness is an important aspect of our wellbeing that deserves our attention. Understanding your feminine sexuality plays a vital role in awakening your capacity to feel pleasure in your body.
🥀Throughout the week a sacred container will be created for you to discover pleasure as a pathway of opening up to your potential. Unlocking this vital key has the capacity to be deeply transformative, offering a completely new way to relate to your body and your sexuality. You are most welcome to come journey with me in the reclaiming of your erotic innocence and the body as sacred vessel.
Anatomy of Female Arousal
Desire, Libido & Hormones
Desire & Arousal pathways
Yoni De-armouring
Healing Vaginal Numbness
Female Erectile network
G spot bliss
Cervical Orgasm- Vagus Nerve Connection
Clitorial Orgasm
Pelvic Floor Health
🔻Embodiment Practice:
Tantric Dance & Breathwork
Pelvic Embodiment
Womb Yoga & Dance of the Womb
Sacred Touch
Yoni Art❤️
Cost 250-Includes Food/ /Sauna/Hot Tub.

10 Places available


Clara 0873694509

Revolut: 0873694509

Location – North Wexford – Y21p922