School of Embodied Feminine Wisdom

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”
― John Mark Green


Return To Feminine Consciousness


We have entered the age of Aquarius  which represents the archetype of the Divine Feminine, the Spiritual mother is once again returning, her essential presence allows all life to flourish bringing care empathy and compassion to the forefront of all human relations which supports us in remembering how to live in symbiotic relation with the each other and the world around us. As we remember this essential presence in our lives we can live a  more meaningful life with deeper connection to nature and to our communities. Understanding the importance of the feminine principals of life is paramount in supporting humanity through its next evolutionary cycle. Earthwise is an offering of supporting each individual to embody this divine feminine consciousness.

“Body of Earth, body of woman
call unto the stars
Carry –
as the river which carries the touch of the forest
– carry Earth unto sky
Enliven within my body of woman
union with Earth, union with sky
I am daughter of stars
a clear river of light
My soul, it is flowing
unto body of woman,
body of Earth woven with light”
― Tamara Rendell, Lunar Fire

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