Ritual Dance & Shamanic Soundbath

Dear Women we are offering a Ritual dance & Shamanic Soundbath as potent medicine to reclaim our hearts & wombs as sacred sources of wisdom and intuition. In Ritual dance we turn our perception inwards so that we can come to know ourselves more completely. We dance shake and move our way towards freedom. We dance to feel, to let our tears flow and our hearts be heard. We dance to reignite our inner flame, to remember who and what we are, we dance to know life and to know death, we dance to pray, to whisper our words of gratitude.
Ritual Dance is a deeply personal journey that is unique to each person. Your dance is your own medicine that comes to heal. Embracing it as such and allowing your body to guide will lead you to discovering personal truths, past memories, deeply held emotions, expansion, inner guidance & insights
How does it work? Aoibhinn & Clara work in a shamanic trance during the ritual dance & sound healing ceremony. Channeling shamanic chants, light language and hand mudras they help to remove energetic blockages which assist in each individuals healing.
Offerings; Ritual Dance Light Language/ Shamanic Chants Shamanic Sound Healing Heart Womb Meditation 13th Rite of the Munay Ki- Womb Healing
Cost- 120euros 11am – 7pm Whats Includes, Organic Vegetarian Food Sauna, Accommodation Available, P.M for details Facilitators Clara Doyle
Yogini, Ritual Dancer, Womb Medicine Woman, Sacred Feminine Facilitator
Hi Beautiful Souls. I am Clara Doyle, I have dedicated the last 16years to my own personal healing and growth which has been a challenging but immensely worthwhile journey. Alongside this I’ve completed many trainings in Yoga, Womb Healing, Dance, Sacred Sexuality & Healing. My work is inherently intuitive, everything is guided in the moment by the grace of Shakti. Her flow is the current I follow in the way I teach/ facilitate. Its my absolute passion to help women connect to themselves in ways that enhances their lives and inspires them to fall in love with what it means to be a woman. This is the journey I have been on and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to now guide other women. It is a great honour for me to walk beside those who choose the path of deep inner alchemy & soul embodiment.
Aoibhinn Hyland Medicine Woman, Light Language Channeler , Ritual Dance, Shamanic Sound Healing
Hello lady’s, I am Aoibhinn. I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life to falling in love with myself and my body, it has been a journey of many ups and down. But through the practice of movement, breath, presence and dance. I have opened up a whole new world full of adventure, pleasure and love. Finally I have reached the place inside myself where I hold my worth. I work as an intuitive healer using a range of different modalitys. yoga and dance have supported me on grounding into my true self. I love to share this work and bring ladies together to remember the true power and beauty that lives inside each and everyone of us.