My name is Aoibhinn Hyland and I have recently completed my yoga teacher training at EarthWise yoga centre.
Before I began this course I found it difficult to ground into any ideas I had. I couldn’t bring any plans to fruition. Now I am far more grounded and centred.
Through the course I learned to love myself on a deep level, by connecting into my daily practice of yoga and my physical and emotional health have improved. 
Shakti and Sarah, cultivate a safe space at EarthWise that allowed me to release emotions trapped in my body and share these emotions resulting in incredible healing.
To me Shakti is the embodiment of ancient sacred yoga and she lives and breaths this. The passion she has transferred to me and now I share the same passion for this incredible modality. 
Sarah is probably the most intelligent person I have ever met. Any question I asked she had a deep scientific understanding and explanation in reply. She also brought a fantastic sense of fun and enjoyment to the course.
The Ayurveda teachings from Rachel have aligned me with my bodies nutritional needs which have also contributed to my increased health and vitality. 
The venue of EarthWise is beautiful, tranquil with a powerful healing energy and it became my space over the months where I could rejuvenate and grow. 
Now as a qualified yoga instructor beginning my own career, I feel more than capable and confident and I attribute this to the amazing yoga teacher training course at EarthWise.


Review- Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training- Eimear Hendrick
2019 was the year I chose to do my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Earthwise and it’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. As a stay at home Mother, I was looking for ‘me time’ but also for an opportunity to immerse myself in all things yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for years but felt there was so much more to just doing positions on the yoga mat and everyone I met at Earthwise taught me just that!

The space that is provided at Earthwise can only be described as beautiful, peaceful & very grounding. Each teacher brings their own unique understanding, knowledge and expertise to the course. 

Shakti opens up a realm on the philosophy of yoga and the focus is very much on the importance of self care – all that I have gained from her wealth of expertise will now set me on a path of self discovery which is exactly what I was searching for. Thank you so much 🙏

Sarah is incredible at what she does, she has a wealth of information at her fingertips & no question will ever go unanswered. She has a very unique ability to show you what the body is capable of and teaches it in such a way that you will always remember it. For this I am very grateful & blessed to have had her as a teacher.

Rachel introduced us to Ayurveda in a very profound way. It has opened my eyes to the huge health benefits of combining both Ayurveda and Yoga – which is how it was always intended! 

And Valera cooks the most delicious heart warming Ayurvedic food most of it straight from the garden in Earthwise! 

I can’t convey enough the life changing benefits that can be gained from incorporating all the elements of ‘yoga’ into your life… Pranayama, meditation, chanting, daily self care, philosophy & the postures – and how interesting it all is to learn. I had a very profound experience in the length of time I was training at Earthwise & the most important thing I’m taking away with me is the importance of ‘self love’. “You yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha 

And lastly, I’m incredibly lucky to have met such an amazing group of beautiful souls who are on the same path as I am! We shared so much together, I look forward to us all meeting up again soon! I have made life long friends and for that I’m forever grateful. 
Yoga Heals The Soul ❤️🙏 Eimear

Review-Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training 2019- Pauline Keane 
2019 was the year I trained my 200 hours in Earthwise, little did I know the incredible journey it would take me on. This is more than a 200 hour teacher training, this is about getting to know your true essence, becoming your own best friend, learning to love yourself. Its about moving your practice beyond the limits of your mat out into the limitless possibilities of your life. 

All of this is done in the spirit of true Yoga, guided by teachers who have so much knowledge, wisdom and kindness that they share so skilfully. You immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside, connecting with nature and the environment. Whilst you are exploring your yoga practice and connecting with yourself, there is beautiful Ayurveda food being prepared to nourish you.

I have made true life long friends at my time in Earthwise.
Thank you Shakti, Sarah, Rachel and Valera for this gift.
Thank you to the Graduates of 2019 you have made such an impact on me and my journey.

Om Shanti 

Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Review- Zaneta Skimina
I’ve been practicing yoga for a good few years now, but I fell in love with it on my very first day on the mat. It’s been a life changing practice to me that offers so much more then just physical benefits. I atteneded many classes, with many different teachers and styles, deepening my knowledge on what yoga is and all the many ways is being introduced in to the west world. Personally, what grabbed me the most about yoga is that, that at it’s core, for me, it is not just a bunch of exercises. It is a certain lifestyle, that teaches deep commitment and love to the self and the world around us. It is a path, that help us heal & develop. 
Teachers at Earthwise Yoga understand that and cultivate that, helping all the students to move on that path. Without judgement, with understanding, patience and love. They spread yoga teachings in the most beautiful way I have experianced, creating safe space where we were able to express ourselves, heal and understand yoga on a very deep and personal level. 
Shakti ,Sarah & Rachel are incredible human beings and I feel blessed for being able to work with them and learn from them. I am so grateful for the lovely meals I was given and the beautiful nature I got to be surrounded by each month. It was not always an easy experiance, but certainly very profound and probably one of the most important ones in my life. I would highly recommened the Yoga Teacher Training at Earthwise Yoga.

Goddess Awakened Yoga Teacher Training Review-Sinead Dowling
I took on the course goddess awakened at earth wise because like most people I ran from the bottom of the barrel going in and out I didn’t really know what I wanted and got caught up in the consumerism of today’s world 
My 4th pregnancy ended in a mc and it was then I truly crashed I’d a silent break down. I needed to heal my body knew well before I that she was ready for change . l felt at a cross roads I knew for a long time I hadn’t lived my educational dreams and had hummed and hawwed on returning to college for a long time 
I seen yoga teacher training goddess rising and my stomach turned womb meditation womb yoga menstrual cycle ayurvedic care belly dance moon time womens circle?? Women!!! Yes yes I took a leap of faith ..little did I know the journey I’d embark on 
The realisations I experienced during the course are so profound …they sound too simple and unimpressive if I try to write them. 
I found sisterhood I found friends I found teachers i found women the true meaning of women .. women ready to raise you up. Thank you shakti sarah, rachel and roisin and all the ladies ! You where all my teachers 
“Wake up you are it you are a part of the wise there is no mystery that has not been revealed to you there is no power you do not already have” starhawk –

I have been practicing yoga through classes for over 10 years and have always felt it really helps me on a whole body, mind and spirit level ( I know sounds totally cliché J). I was drawn to this course and from Day 1 it has felt like it was really the right decision for me at this time in my life. We as a group have been welcomed into Shakti and Valera’s home with openness and warmness. Shakti inspires with her dedication to teaching and sharing her views on an alternative/sustainable/yogic way of life. Sarah also inspires with her very knowledgeable interest in the science of Yoga. It has been so interesting to also have a totally professional introduction to Ayurveda by Rachel and beautiful cooked Ayurvedic dishes by Valera etc. This course is for anyone with a genuine interest in yoga, teaching yoga, challenging oneself and going on a path of life changing self-development and awareness. Thank you to everyone at Earthwise including the fantastic group of people who are on the same path of life development/fulfilment/empowerment on this year’s course X”

Elizabeth O Conor X

My experience at earthwise yoga. Whether on the mat in the Garden or sitting down for dinner has been nothing less than a breath of fresh air for the mind, body soul and spirit all joined together as one 🙌 The teacher training course has opened my life in many ways. Bringing me back to myself, finding my inner power and voice. Giving me a holistic appreciation and understanding of what true yoga is about. More than merely getting on the mat and busting a few moves. It’s about getting to know yourself, your body, your boundaries, your limitations, your perseverance, your blocks and moving through them(with breath rather than ignorance 😜) and not only how to find love, patience and respect for yourself on the mat but how to bring that same magic to your everyday life. I am eternally grateful for the gift they have given me, for the continued love, support and understanding  😁 for anyone who wants to do more than just learn a bunch of yoga postures and how to get into them, who actually wants to learn the philosophy, the lifestyle and most importantly the magic that is yoga and what it can do for you and all those around you. I recommend earthwise yoga with all my heart 💝Shakti and her team of superwomen are a breathtakingly inspiring group of people, so please, do yourself a favour and give yourself this gift. You deserve it. You are worth it. And you can do it. 🙏Namaste 🕉- Daniel Baillieul

Signing up for the YTT at Earthwise was the best decision I made in a long while. I was looking for a yoga teacher training with the idea to fully immerse – not just to absorb knowledge and practice yoga, but to leave Dublin life and every day stuff behind for a weekend each month. With this in mind I specifically looked at options outside of Dublin. With a few different choices, I kept coming back to the Earthwise website. Something about it gave me the feeling this was exactly what I was looking for. Shakti was super was super helpful and approachable while I was making up my mind and she talked me through different options. She also offered me to sleep over in the Yoga Shala on the Saturday nights, which didn’t just save me booking a B&B, but actually made the YTT at Earthwise extra special for me. It’s difficult to describe but – with a lot that was going on in my life, Earthwise turned out to be the perfect place. Shakti and her team have created such a beautiful and peaceful place, with pure energy and love for anyone who stops by. Earthwise brings together likeminded people who you get to connect with deeply throughout the course of ten month. My personal motivation to take the YTT was really more self development and the idea to soak up yoga in its fullest spectrum. Deepening your postures and meditation, learning loads about anatomy and Ayurveda – all this was taught so very well in a digestible and comprehensive way. You learn so much – while a lot of it is actually about yourself. I can’t recommend Earthwise enough, to me the perfect choice. Just a month ago I graduated with a certificate that really means and represents so much more. Thanks again Shakti, Sarah, Valera and Rachel for everything. Can’t wait to come back for a day retreat! – Pia Wustenhofer 2019 Graduate

Earthwise yoga training, Takes one on a journey. A journey to a future you could never have envisaged for oneself prior to registration. 
You leave training with a door opened new vocabulary, new paths to forge and a reflection of your true self,that you now can get to know.
Be brave,be prepared to crumble and rebuild a resilient and content new you – Catriona Marshall 2019 Graduate

“Doing the yoga teacher training course with Shakti at Earthwise Yoga has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far. I learned so much about every aspect of yoga from the physical components, asana and pranayama, to the lifestyle components, Ayurveda and yogic diet, and even the more subtle components, learning about meditation, the energetic body etc.

Not only did I learn so much about yoga and how best to share yoga with others, I learned a lot about myself, who I really was and what I really wanted to do with my life. The atmosphere at Earthwise a very warm and supportive environment to learn in. The location of the studio is indescribably beautiful too.

Every teacher training weekend was educational and informative but also very sociable and relaxing. It was lovely to have these weekends away from stress of everyday life. I was blessed enough to meet many open minded, warm hearted people, enjoy delicious vegetarian food and learn from other yoga students and teachers in the community. I made friendships which I feel will last for many years and I now feel I have a lovely support network of other yoga teachers.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in yoga and wants to learn more and deepen their own experience or anyone who wants to learn to share yoga with others. Yoga is a wonderful gift to share and I am deeply grateful that Shakti and everyone at Earthwise have helped me develop the skills to share this beautiful, life-changing practice with others.”      ~ Becky Jenkins

“It was the last day of the yoga course, and a lot of tears were had here. I will say though that it was a brilliant experience, spending 10 weekends here for the last year, and meeting so many great people. It’s definitely a one in a million place to go, with such positivity all the time and the atmosphere is always so welcoming and free, you feel like a different person every time you leave and that is one of the reasons why it was so hard to finish!! Would love to thank @earthwiseyoga once again for this amazing experience” ~ Julie Vaughan