Sensual Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

300hour Residential Training Morocco

April 1st-21st 2025

This is a completely unique offering with the intention of using Voice, Body & Breath to open the female body to more pleasure, joy & sensuality.  Yoga becomes a moving prayer, a juicy sensual ritual  that caresses and comforts the soul. Through uniting the heart & womb( emotional & sexual energy) we open the capacity to meet our divinity through the body. This is very much suited to the container of a retreat or womens circle. 

Yoga Asana blended with sensual movement brings a sense of aliveness to the body.  Through the exploration of creative movement we can open ourselves to new ways of expression, new ways of being in our yoga practice aswell as our lives.  The naturally arising Shakti power awakens through sensual movement,breath and yoga, this allows women to explore the beauty of their sensuality through this women’s sacred movement practice

Sensual Goddess Yoga combines dance of the womb (bellydance) with yoga asana, this  enhances our connection to Goddess energy and our Divine Feminine selves. We will learn basic essential Bellydance moves allowing us to tune in to the ways in which they align with the female body on both the physical level and in the deeper spiritual and symbolic level. We will explore how Bellydance is linked to the feminine mysteries, and how it helps to heal and balance a woman’s energy throughout her life and fertility cycle. We will allow our own unique dance to emerge, expressing our authentic sensual self and our deeply felt emotions.

Sensual Goddess Yoga  is intended to awaken an understanding of the more mystical aspect of womanhood, through a reclaiming of womb consciousness we can experience how by simply connecting to our physicality we gain access to the truth of where our true feminine power lies, in the sacred temple of our pelvis, everything we have been conditioned to fear our moon blood, our bodies and our orgasm opens us to our divinity .  Reclaiming the deeply held power within the womb is an intimate and sacred journey that is every woman’s birthright.  As we learn to embody the vastness of our true feminine nature we learn to move graciously through each threshold of our life cycle as a gateway of initiation to claim our sovereignty as a walking, living breathing incarnation of the Divine Feminine Goddess. 

Course Components


Sensual Goddess Yoga

  • Bellydance Yoga fusion
  • Feminine Flow Yoga
  • Pelvic Embodiment Yoga

Womb Healing

  • Womb Yoga
  • Munay Ki Rite Ceremony
  • Menstruation Feminine Path of Transformation
  • Moon Rituals
  • Dreamwork


  • Devotional movement
  • Fertility Dance
  • Dance of the Womb Bellydance

Female Sexuality

  • Female Sexual Wellness 
  • Erotic Education
  • Sacred Body Awakening

Magical & Ritual Use of Herbs

  • Spiritual Baths
  • Yoni Steaming Ritual
  • Medicine Making
  • Plant Spirit Connection

Womens Circle

  • Facilitation Skills
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Talking Circle

This training will be an beautiful offering you can bring to Womens Workshops & Retreats.

Includes Playlists & Recorded Classes

Cost 3000euros – Residential Training ( Morocco)-  Price includes all Meals, Accommodation , Teacher- Clara

Venue Details TBA

Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified

contact number: 0873694509