Bellydance Yoga Fusion Teacher Training

Dates April 24-30th 2023


Yoga Bellydance Fusion is a blend of classical bellydance moves combined with Yoga Asana.

Yoga Asana blended with sensual movement brings a sense of aliveness to the body.  Through the exploration of creative movement we can open ourselves to new ways of expression, new ways of being in our yoga practice aswell as our lives.  The naturally arising Shakti power awakens through sensual movement,breath and yoga, this allows women to explore the beuaty of their sensuality through this women’s sacred dance.

The ancient art of Bellydance  enhances our connection to Goddess energy and our Divine Feminine selves. We will learn basic essential Bellydance moves allowing us to tune in to the ways in which they align with the female body on both the physical level and in the deeper spiritual and symbolic level. We will explore how Bellydance is linked to the feminine mysteries, and how it helps to heal and balance a woman’s energy throughout her life and fertility cycle. We will allow our own unique dance to emerge, expressing our authentic sensual self and our deeply felt emotions.

Course Components

Ancient Feminine Art- Bellydance

Yoga Asana & Mudra

Dance & Sensuality

Somatic Movement & Emotional Release

Reclaiming Sentience Through Movement & Breath

Earth Dance

Sacred Circles for Women

You will learn:

How to teach bellydance basics

Sequencing Yoga with bellydance Basics

Bellydance for Menstrual health, Fertility, Pregnancy & Labour

How to facilitate a Womens Circle

Creating an Alter


This training will be an beautiful offering you can bring to Womens Workshops & Retreats

The training Includes Playlists and a Teaching Manual.

Cost 895euros – 7day retreat- Includes Food and Accommodation

 50 hr Yoga Alliance Professionals Certified

Teacher- Clara

contact number: 0879126968

For bookings: Revolut 0879126968 or paypal