We have entered the age of Aquarius which represents the return to higher frequencies of light and energy, bringing our consciousness to higher levels of awareness.  Aquarius represents the archetype of the Divine Feminine, the Spiritual mother is once again returning, her essential presence allows all life to flourish bringing care empathy and compassion to the forefront of all human relations which supports us in remembering how to live in symbiotic relation with the each other and the world around us. As we remember this essential presence in our lives we remember more of who we are, we remember ourselves as truly sentient beings restoring our capacity for deep feeling and sensitivity. Through this we live a  more meaningful life with deep connection to nature and to our communities. Understanding the importance of the feminine principals of life is paramount in supporting humanity through its next evolutionary cycle. Earthwise is an offering of supporting each individual to embody this divine feminine consciousness.

Through bringing together a yogic lifestyle closely connected to nature and a space for people to come and share the experience of yoga, Earthwise creates a welcoming sense of community spirit.