Womb Medicine

Yoga Teacher Training


September 2023 

Sept 16th,17th Oct 14th,15th Nov 11th,12th Dec 9th,10th Jan 13th,14th Feb 10th-11th Mar 8th-13th 2023

Womb Medicine Yoga Teacher Training is a fully comprehensive training in Womb Wellness, Yoga & Ayurveda.

Yoga/Womens Health/Feminine Body Education/ Feminine Spirituality

Teachers– Clara Doyle, Roisin De Burca,  – Earthwise Yoga

Womb Medicine Yoga Teacher Training is an offering to women in learning how to approach yoga & daily life in a way that respects the changing needs of the female body supporting each woman to anchor into the inner sanctum of her womb space. The course covers a variety of topics that are centered around womb care & women’s health which encourages a positive shift in how we view the menstrual cycle. We learn about what the menstrual cycle actually is how it has become a source of discomfort for many women and what we can do about it. This course teaches a whole way of approaching our lives as women that reconnects us to this sacred source of wisdom, health & vitality within our wombs that is available to each women if she chooses to take that journey.

Womb Medicine Yoga teacher training  offers a more feminine approach to yoga . We are often taught to push to strive to achieve in our yoga practice without really learning how to listen to our bodies and what the body is communicating with to us. Through learning how to listen, feel & sense we can open deeper  levels of communication with our bodies bringing us into a more intuitive approach to our yoga practice.  This feminine approach to yoga assists us in knowing when to adjust the practice for the the changing needs of our female bodies

This training empowers you with the knowledge of your own feminine body and an understanding of the inherent cyclical wisdom rooted in the sacred temple of our pelvis. Our power as women is found in everything that it means to be a woman, our menstrual cycle, our ability to birth,  our bodies, our sexuality are where we find our connection to our divinity.  This training explores these topics of feminine spirituality and an approach to yoga that honours  different stages of a woman’s monthly cycle.  Acknowledging ourselves as cyclical beings and learning to live in accordance with our changing rhythms is how we begin to take care of our health not only our physical emotional, mental level but also on a soul level..

Womb Medicine Yoga Teacher Training opens a door to a conscious path of remembering our way home into our feminine essence, this path includes working with the Body, Womb, Breath, Dance, Ritual & Herbalism for Women’s Health


Ayurveda/ Ayurveda for Womens Health

Teacher– Rachel Collins- Anadi Ayurveda

On this course you will be taught the many benefits Ayurveda has to offer to women. It is first and foremast a medical science and thus can help us to learn how to build and cultivate our health on a daily basis, in all areas of women’s lives, including puberty, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth and menopause. But the beauty of Ayurveda for women, lies in the fact that it is inherently Feminine in its approach and therefore ties in so eloquently to the Female principle of caring, compassion and nurturance. We as women hold immense potential for great healing and care, not only for ourselves, and for others, but for the Earth itself if we cultivate our own innate Nature. However, in order to do so, first we must be Svastha, firmly seated within ourselves and connected to our unique beauty and potential that abides in our true Self. This requires we untangle ourselves from cultural expectations, society’s definitions, media driven ideas and our own internalised beliefs about what it means to be a woman and truly discover for ourselves what it is to be a Divine Feminine Being. This is Svastha, firmly rooted in the authenticity of your Being. I am passionate about sharing Ayurveda for women because women, like the Lotus, can rise above the muddy distorted waters of false identification and blossom with remarkable beauty. Now more than ever, we need women to rise and become the balm Humanity and the Earth need. But first, we must begin with ourselves, and Ayurveda helps not only put our feet on this path but stabilises us as we tread softly forward.


Course Components:


Yoga –

  • Hatha Yoga for a Woman’s Body
  • Womb Yoga – Honouring the Female Cycle
  • Pranayama, Mudra, Bhanda for Women
  • Subtle Body Anatomy
  • Yoga Nidra for Cervical Wellness


  • Ayurvedic Nutrition 
  • Ayurveda For Women’s Health
  • Ayurveda for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Womens Health

  • Balancing hormones with Yoga & Ayurveda
  • Correcting Pelvic Alignment for Pelvic Floor Health
  • Pre and Postnatal Care for Baby and Mother
  • Breast & Womb Health with Daily Massage
  • Herbalism for Womens Health
  • Natural Contraception

Feminine Body Education

  • Female hormonal System
  • Pelvic Floor Anatomy
  • Female Sexual Anatomy
  • Female Reproductive Cycle


Cost 2600euros ( Payment Plan Available) 

Ayurvedic meals are provided during your training and we have simple accommodation available for those traveling to attend the training (contact us for details). If you would like to connect with me please contact me via Whatsapp Clara 0873694509


September 10th,11th

Oct 1st,2nd

Nov 5th,6th

Dec 3rd,4th

Jan  14th,15th

Feb 18th,19th

March 10th-17th ( week retreat)


Hi Beautiful Souls. I am Clara Doyle, I have dedicated the last 16years to my own personal healing and growth which has been a challenging but immensely worthwhile journey. Alongside this I’ve completed many trainings in Yoga, Womb Healing, Dance, Sacred Sexuality & Healing. My work is inherently intuitive, everything is guided in the moment by the grace of Shakti. Her flow is the current I follow in the way I teach/ facilitate. Its my absolute passion to help women connect to themselves in ways that enhances their lives and inspires them to fall in love with what it means to be a woman. This is the journey I have been on and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to now guide other women





200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited Yoga Teacher Training

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