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Ritual Movement & Yoga

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”
― John Mark Green

Feminine Roots Yoga Teacher Training course inspired by Tantra Yoga & Shamanism. A look into the herstory of Yoga  shows that Yoga is potentially inherently a shamanistic practice that is deeply connected to the earth and the feminine. This is a completely unique offering as yoga becomes a practice of ritual & devotion, a moving prayer that reinforces our connection with the creative life-force. Through working with the elements & the directions associated with them, each practice offers us the opportunity to feel our place & strengthen our relationship within the great web of life. 



“Feminine Roots Yoga Practice incorporates working with
the Elements, the Directions,
the Chakr
as, the Sun & Moon Cycles,
Ritual Movement & Breath, Moon, Womb & Dreamwork, Feminine Mysteries, Meditation, Prayer & Ceremony.”




Course Components


  • Samkhya Philosophy- How Spirit Manifests into physical form 
  • Creation Stories
  • Goddess Culture
  • Herstory of Yoga
  • Deepening into Subtle Body Anatomy
  • The Magnetic Energy of the Soul
  • Prana, Vayus & The Medicine Wheel
  • Opening & Closing Sacred Space
  • The Three Cauldrons & The Granthi’s 
  • Tree of Life & The Chakra System
  • Kundalini- Force of Evolution
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Female Siddhis.  

Spiral 1

Prithvi/Earth- Grounding & Emdodiment ( Annamaya Kosha)
  • Balancing The Elemental Body with Magical Cooking & Circadian Medicine
  • Shaktkarmas -Yogic Cleansing Practices
  • Yoga Asana & Grounding Breathwork
  • Exploring Yoga Asana as expressions of nature & Visualisation to deepen connection between body & earth
  • Earth Ceremony

Spiral 2

Apas/Water-Womb,Moon & Dreamwork ( Pranamaya Kosha)
  • Womb Yoga
  • Chandra Namaskara
  • Kundalini Embodiment
  • Womb Healing
  • Menstruation Feminine Path of Transformation
  • Moon Rituals

Spiral 3

Agni/Fire – Transformations of the Cosmic Fire ( Manomaya Kosha)
  • Fire of Yoga & Human Evolution
  • Surya Namaskara & Mantras
  • Pranayama,Mudra & Bhanda
  • Tratak
  • Breath of fire
  • Agnisakriyar
  • Fire ceremonies

Spiral 4

Vayu/Air – Bodyprayer & Voicework (Vijnanamaya Kosha)/Akasha/Ether – ( Anandamaya Kosha)
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Dream Medicine
  • Mantra & Yantra
  • Yoga Nidra 
  • Brahmari

This teacher training course offers you the opportunity and skills to present something unique in the world of yoga and holistic health, you will develop and ability to present  classes,workshops & retreats that offer something totally unique


March 2025- February 2026 ( 12weekends)Investment- 3500euros 


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