Light Language Womb Healing 

A womb healing ceremony combines 13th Womb Rite of the Munay Ki with a individualised ceremony to suit the issue the client wishes to address. 

The 13th Womb Rite was gifted to Marcela Labos from a lineage of Medicine women in peru. The rite is a womb healing that can be received to assist in clearing deeply held emotions,traumas & pain held in the womb. Its a powerful energy transmission that can asssist women in reclaiming the health of their womb.

The ceremony includes an opening of heart and womb energy to deepen communication between the heart and the womb which is essential for any womb healing. The opening and closing of the uterus for birth, ovulation,conception and menstruation are regulated by the heart/womb meridian. We work with energy practices that assist in regulating the flow of energy in the heart/womb meridian

Cost 80euros – 1hour

For Bookings Contact Clara Via Whatsapp 0873694509



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