“You create a really good environment for students to relax and learn. There is an understated authority in how you teach. That gives the student the opportunity to feel safe and to trust in where you guide them” ~ Gearoid

“I really enjoyed the class. It has helped release feelings and worries” ~ Jackie

“I really look forward to the class every week and find them very helpful for my overall health and wellbeing as they are taught in a very holistic way” ~ Steph

“Feeling so released afterwards!”  ~ Patricia

“Lovely atmosphere. Great continuity” ~ Joe

“I really enjoyed the use of mantra combined with postures and learning the sequences of movements” ~ Tara

“The classes did me a lot of good. I felt wonderful afterwards” Karena

“Really enjoyed it. Yoga now is appealing to me” ~ Marian

“I found it a really great balance of the physical and the spiritual” ~ Tara