Panchakarma retreat Kerala India 4th:25th feb 2020

You are invited to join me for a 21day Panchakarma retreat In Kerala India. Spend 21days in a top quality Ayurvedic Healing Centre at the edge of a spectacular national park. During your stay at Pranamaya you will receive the support of a daily hatha yoga classes while undergoing your treatment. Pranamaya offers patients a high level of care and attention while undergoing treatment. The centre creates a peaceful Sattvic atmosphere for you to be able to rest and enjoy your stay.

Daily Yoga Includes
Gentle Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
Yoga Nidra

Daily Ayurvedic Treatment Includes
2 Ayurvedic Treatments
Daily consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor
Ayurvedic Herbs
Ayurvedic Meals (Organic)

Optional outings:
Spice garden visit,
Trucking in the forest,
Boat safari in the lake,
Visit of a temple in Tamil Nadu,
Martial arts performance,
Tea plantation visit

2500euros ( twin room)
3000euros( private room)
Price Includes Accomadation,Meals,Ayurvedic Treatment,Yoga Programme
Not Included- Flights & Transfers

Flight Details- Fly to Kochi Kerala Indiia
Transfers- Arranged by Pranamaya on request

Bookings or Enquiries
Contact Shakti or
Hosted by Earthwise Yoga
Location of Retreat

About Panchakarma
Pancha Karma (Panchakarma) is the Ayurvedic art of detoxification, purification, and rejuvenation. It is a powerful way to address the root cause of disease and has been used for thousands of years as a method for staying healthy, young, and vital.
Panchakarma works on the multi-dimensional body offering the capacity for deep healing and on all levels of being.Panchakarma has a profound effect on stabilizing the mind and emotions, restoring mental calm, helping to clear out, and overcome deep seated unresolved emotion. This paves the way for becoming reunited with the pure essence of Being and union with the Divine.

About Pranamaya:
On the outset the very name ‘Pranamaya ‘ means “ life energy”, which is composed of ‘prana’ ( breath) the vital priniciple, the fore that vitalizes and hold together body and mind. It pervades the whole organism, its physical manifestationis the breath. As long as this vital principle exist in the organism, life continues. Coupled with 5 organs of action it forms the vital sheath.
The name Pranamaya is willfully selected to facilitate life energy for all those who are looking for good health in body and mind. The ultimate aim of Pranamaya is ‘ to serve ‘ and make the people feel healthy. As our specialty, offering admission to limited number of people at a time, helps to provide individual care and attention for everyone having cure. Herbs collected from our own herbal garden is administered according to individual body constitution and the health condition.
Our ayurvedic kitchen is nourished with organic fruits and vegetables gathered from our organic farm.
Pranamaya’s slogan “ we serve “ and “pathways to health” indicates our top most priority to lead the humanity in to better health status, by getting ride of all the physical imbalances, thereby feeling harmony within oneself.
‘Concentration’ or ’ focusing’ creates enormous amount of energy from within, having this vedic view, Pranamaya invites you to discover the treasures hidden in Yoga.

About the Location:
Pranamaya Ayurveda Chikilsalayam is situated in the best location and conducive atmosphere for Ayurvedic healing. The particular temperature offered by the bamboo forest surrounding Pranamaya is having enormous amount of ‘Prana ‘life energy leads to better healing. The temperature here is neither to hot nor to cold. Which felicitate the body in a better state of absorption .Further more focusing individual care and personal attention offers more effective results

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