Sacred Body Awakening


24th May ( 11am-5pm)

🥀Dear women you are invited to a 1 day introduction to Sacred Body Awakening. In this container we meet the body at the places where the deepest longing resides.  This longing will be held with such sweetness and profound softness that it finally can be felt, honoured & seen. The layers of holding in the body that separate us from being fully whole can slowly unravel. This unravelling opens the body to divine love

🥀Sacred Body Awakening is a ritual that facilitates the reuniting of the womb & heart. Through somatic touch, prayer, softness & a loving presence the nine constellations of sacred body can be experienced. This is an ancient temple ritual that allows each woman to return to her sensual nature

🥀“One of the last people to embody these mysteries was Mary Magdalene. She knew how to open the body to the primal source and love with the whole of her Being. Sacred Body Awakening comforts the soul, softens all that is rigid within and births the genuine restoration of love and trust amongst people.  
This work transmits the emanations that Awaken the Sacred Body through touch, breath, movement and rhythm. We will remember how to move through and permeate sacred domains, glimpsing, sensing and communicating through touch the evolution that is coming and our perfect place in it. This is the pristine, multi-dimensionality Temple Work of our time”  – Aleithia Sophia  ❤️
🔻The Art of Touch   
🔻Ritual Anointing of the Body
🔻Temple Dance
 Sacred Body Awakening
Clara trained as Sacred Body Facilitator with Aleithia Sophia
Aletheia  is a Writer, Mythologist, Minister and Whisperer of Sacred Wisdom.


12 Places available
Clara 0873694509 ❤️