Journey with Spirit

Many of us struggle with an excess of the masculine fire and air elements, an imbalance that creates confusion and anger in our lives, mirrored in the world politics of our time. As a result of this, we find ourselves unable to access the clarity and passion that is the gift of these elements.

In our Inner world, we quickly become consumed by the same fire that is there to fan our creative spirit and our passion for life, and our minds become filled with mental chatter. By separating ourselves from Spirit, nature and our Inner wisdom, we become consumed by the thought that others are out to get us – and that we somehow always mess up. We often find the only way to cope with the pain is to cover it with material possessions, social media, in fact any distraction from our inner life. Avoidance is the only thing that makes us feel better – and so we pile fire upon fire, air upon air, reacting to everything around us in hurt and anger and confusion.

During this two day session, Journey with the feminine elements of Water and Earth, step over the threshold between earth and the water into the Otherworld – a time out of time, a space between spaces. Share your dreams and challenges with the Holy Spirit of Water, and the nurturing care of Mother Earth; allow Water and Earth to gather you into her heart, submerge you in her embrace, and gift you divine healing. Everything in this precious world is sustained by the Great Mother, creating for us a place where the animals roam, where nature in its entire splendor reigns – with its echoing bird calls, chirping frogs, and bubbling waters.

Connect with Ancient Earth Wisdom, supported by your personal Guardians – Angels, Spirit Animals and Ancestors. Journey with Shelley Adams to the beat of the drum, meet your Allies and call your power home. Become more present to your Earth Walk, bring your medicine home , and commit to stepping into your gifts by opening to Spirit and embracing the Sacredness of every moment.

What you will need:

Comfortable clothing

Swimming costume/ wrap


Change of warm clothes

Pen and paper

Any sacred object to you that would like to gift to Water and Earth

Plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch

(Tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided)

Shelley Adams BIO

Shelley Adams is a well-known intuitive artist and medicine woman with a long history in the arts and healing. Her art has become an integral part of her journey, and the medium through which she receives many of her sacred teachings. Shelley is recognized as a healer, wise woman, facilitator of personal transformations and as a sacred space keeper and witness.


Working with the Creator, and through the Medicines of Readings, Rituals, Journeys and Colour, Shelley assists her clients in making a deep connection to their personal Sacred Spirit Guardians. Understanding each person’s spiritual journey to be unique and deeply personal, Shelley holds space for others to find their own tools and opens a way for them to step into their unique gifts. Working closely with her clients one-to-one, or in group sessions, she guides them to become aware of the constant Divine messages shared with us by the natural world through animals, plants and the elements.


As a natural extension of her art and spirituality, Shelley has also created Sacred Soul Journey deck, a beautiful wisdom card pack of her original paintings and their divinely inspired messages. At present, she is in the process of creating a sister pack : Medicine Journey, a deck built on the energies of the Medicine Wheel and the elements.

Shelley also creates custom handmade leather Medicine Bags, Shields and Pouches, painted with beautiful artworks portraying personal messages from Spirit.

She works from her home in the coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa.

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Divinations Readings & Journeys

Shelley Adams is an internationally recognised artist living in Hermanus, South Africa.
Her deep love for the natural world and the integrity of the Old Ways is reflected in her art. This has become an integral part of her journey and one of the mediums through which she receives and shares her sacred teachings.

As a natural extension of her art and spirituality, Shelley created her Sacred Soul Journey Deck, a beautiful wisdom card pack with her original paintings and their divinely inspired messages. Shelley also creates one-of-a-kind handmade leather Sacred Medicine Bags, Shields and Pouches, painted with beautiful artworks portraying personal messages from Spirit.

Shelley facilitates individual and group sessions with Sacred Soul Journey deck readings, as well as divinations using bones, shells, seeds etc. These divinations are similar in a way to the bone divinations offered by African medicine men and women, but differ in that it is a tool given to her directly by Spirit.

She offers Journey work for those wishing to journey to the beat of the drum, connecting with the Otherworld in order to find answers to questions, challenges and choices in our everyday experience.

Shelley will be offering one-on-one sessions for a limited time, so should you be interested, early booking is essential. Sessions last from 90mins to 120 mins.

Journey with Spirit Workshop

January 27th & 28th 2018
9.30 -4.30 each day,
Divination sessions on Monday the 29th January 2018 will be available

€80 per day, €160 for the full workshop, a
deposit of 50% to be paid in advance to secure a booking.

For Bookings email shakti: