Womb Medicine Retreat

Dates 7th-9th April 2023


Womb Medicine Retreat is an offering to women to take some time out to nourish their bodies and reconnect with their womb space. It is essential for a womans wellbeing that she establishes a healthy relationship which her womb, as women we cannot sidestep this, our way home is through our wombs. This can often be a challenging journey as for so many women their womb has been a source of pain rather than power. Often what we don’t understand or have never been taught is the effect our daily choices has upon how we experience our menstrual cycle. Womb Medicine Retreat Offers us insight into these topics and the space needed for us to rest so that we can come into a quieter space dedicated to reconnecting, to placing our loving attention where it most needed, in our bodies, our hearts & our wombs.

Retreat Offerings

Womb Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Dance of the Womb

Yoni Nidra

Elemental Connection


Creating a Womb Mandala


Cost for Retreat is €280

Our retreat centre boosts majestic views of Bree hill and the river Boro. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and wild flower gardens. We offer unique yoga retreats with highly trained teachers. All food served is Organic and some comes from our very own veggie garden. We also encourage participants to spend time enjoying nature in the day and at night beneath the starry sky you can enjoy the hot tub, warm yourself by the fire or detox in the Sauna.

Facilitator: Clara

Hi Beautiful Souls. I am Clara Doyle, I have dedicated the last 16years to my own personal healing and growth which has been a challenging but immensely worthwhile journey. Alongside this I’ve completed many trainings in Yoga, Womb Healing, Dance, Sacred Sexuality & Healing. My work is inherently intuitive, everything is guided in the moment by the grace of Shakti. Her flow is the current I follow in the way I teach/ facilitate. Its my absolute passion to help women connect to themselves in ways that enhances their lives and inspires them to fall in love with what it means to be a woman. This is the journey I have been on and I’m privileged to have the opportunity to now guide other women. 

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