Womb Medicine Retreat🌹

Dates: 12th-14th of April 2024

 🥀 Womb Medicine Retreat is an offering to women to take some time out to nourish their bodies and reconnect with their womb space. It is essential for a womans wellbeing that she establishes a healthy relationship with her womb. 
🥀 As women we cannot sidestep this, our way to wholeness is through our wombs. This can often be a challenging journey as for so many women their womb has been a source of pain rather than power. 
🥀 What we don’t understand or have never been taught is the effect our daily choices has upon how we experience our menstrual cycle.
🥀Womb Medicine Retreat Offers us the space needed for us to rest so that we can come into a quieter space
dedicated to reconnecting, to placing our loving attention where it most needed, in our bodies, our hearts & our wombs.❤️
🥀The day includes;
🔻Womb Yoga
🔻Dance of the Womb
🔻Yoga Nidra
🔻Heart- Womb Meditation
🔻Wise Womb Self Care Rituals Workshop
🔻Womb healing Ceremony
🔻Yoni Steaming & Womb Wrapping
🔻Sauna Wellness Ritual
🔻Womb Mandala


Cost 320euros  Includes Food/Basic accommodation( Massage 60euros per hour)



“I’m so grateful for a beautiful, powerful weekend. From the moment you arrive at Earthwise there is magic in the air. I felt so cared for over the entire weekend. This work is powerful and I felt intense shifts over the weekend. At each step I was held and supported. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for women.” – Jennifer.


“Such a breath taking weekend, opening up into the wildness of my womb and body. I could not have needed every minute of this more. I am so grateful.” – Ailish.