Embodied Sacred Feminine

The intention of this course is to help women reclaim the temple of the body as a sacred vessel for divine wisdom,creation and healing.

The course has been designed to help you to weave life enhancing practice’s into your daily life.

 Embodied Sacred feminine is rooted in the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda giving us a firm foundation from which to work from.

We will use the medicine of movement,yoga and dance to free up the pathways of creative energy in the body. Through the various forms of movement we can gain access to different parts of ourselves that need space for expression.

Course Modules

☾Spiral 1 Element Earth☽

 Grounding work: establishing the bones of your practice connecting with inner strength.

During weekend one you will be introduced to a daily Yoga practice  and Ayurvedic self care routine which helps to restore harmony within the body,mind and soul. You will be gently guided in how integrate and weave these practices into Daily life. Through your personal commitment to the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda a natural unfoldment of your own inner beauty and radiance can shine!


Well Woman yoga

Ayurveda for Women


Embodiment Practice:

Hatha Yoga & Womb Yoga

Yoga Nidra


  • ☾Spiral 2 Element Water☽

    Liquid flow moving through fluidity of practice connecting with the sensual self

During weekend two we will work with the natural serpentine movements of the female body awakening Shakti and freeing up the energy pathways through the body. We will reconnect with our womb reclaiming the Moon time Magic of our monthly cycle as time of intuition and inner wisdom. Through these practices we come back to the sacredness of our body temple and strengthen our connection to our Sexual Sovereignty.We will incorporate a fusion of flow yoga and bellydance to discover the sheer joy and pleasure of our sensual nature and creativity.

We will gather in a ceremonial practice to bless the body temple and reawaken our understanding of the body as a Sacred Temple.


Womb Wisdom & Sacred Cycles

Moon Time Magic

Temple Body Blessing’s

Embodiment Practice:

Womb Yoga & Bellydance

Jade Egg Practices


☾Spiral 3 Element Fire☽

Igniting of the inner fires of transformation: connecting with your sense of personal power

During weekend 3 We will dance our bodies prayer through a guided dance practice igniting our fires of transformation as we offer our sacred dance to the ecstatic awakening of the bodies capacity for self healing, Through this healing dance we can come back into our sense of personal power and our ability to transmute and transform all that no longer is serving us. Through the dance we offer our prayers of gratitude for life and all of creation. During weekend 3 we will learn the art of fire ritual practice to bring about deep transformation & healing


Fire Ritual for transformation

Embodiment Practice:

Body Prayer



☾Spiral 4 Element Air & Ether☽

Receiving the voice of wisdom: connecting into pure being through presence and stillness

During weekend 4 we will immerse ourselves in the healing power of nature as a way to open the realm of the heart inviting the space for intuitive guidance. We will discover the healing power sound using our voice. We will conclude our Journey with a Soul Map. This is a powerful tool for self discovery and Healing



Honouring our heart the inner teacher.

Mantra, the power of sound

Embodiment practice:

Sacred touch

Soul Mapping

Course Content

Over each of the 4 weekends the course weaves together both the theory and practice bringing us back into the full radiance of our being and our bodies true wisdom

Course includes:

Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda
Temple Body Blessing’s
Prayer & Ritual
Sacred Dance
Womb Yoga
Jade Egg Practices
Sharing Circles
Soul Map Work
Nature Connection


Where & When

The course takes place here at Earthwise Yoga in Co. Wexford and begins in September 2017.

Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 5pm

  • Dates 2018
    September – 1st,2nd
    October – 6th,7th
    November -3rd,4th
    December – 1st,2nd,
    January – 5th,6th


Price: €750

Deposit: €250 must be paid to secure a place.

Balance: paid in installments of €100 at the beginning of each weekend.

Lunch is provided

Accommodation, People attending the course are welcome to sleep in the Yoga Shala,

Alternatively there is a local Bnb close by Teach Failte   www.teachfailte.com

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