❊ ❊ ☾Body Temple Medicine☽ ❊ ❊

Body Temple Medicine is a 9 day residential immersion of reclaiming the sacredness of the feminine body. During our time together you will begin to discover a potency of feminine power that lies deep within the Sacred Body Temple. We will seek to restore the feminine to her rightful place as priestess of her own body. This is a sacred and intimate journey that is unique to every woman.  Once we move beyond superficial programming of our bodies we can begin to discover that our feminine bodies are a source of great magical power.  This is a path of great beauty, authenticity, humility, integrity, vulnerability, courage & strength. Beloved Sisters’ you are most welcome to join me for a  transformational journey of re-awakening the Sacred Body Temple. 


Course Components

Module 1- Shiva & Shakti

 Ceremony to meet the Divine Masculine & Feminine within,

Module 2 – History of women

 From Matriarchy to Patriarchy 

Module 3 – Ancestors

Mother Consciousness – honouring the Mother-line 

Module 4 – Body Image

Reawakening the Sacred Body Temple-  Temple Blessings  & Ritual Dance

Module 5 – Reclaiming womb  Consciousness

 Lunar Rituals & Blood Mysteries-  Womb healing & blessing

Module 6 – Yoni

Sacred Yoni & female Sexual Alchemy – Honouring the Yoni Sacred Holy Space 

Module 7 – Body Prayer

Reclaiming the body as a vehicle of prayer-  Ancient Fertility Dance.

Module 8 – Wild Woman Medicine

Ritual Dance-  Drumming

Module 9 – Path of Love

Practices of Self love-Crafting inner rituals to honour the Goddess within, 

Dates: June 22nd-30th 2021

Cost- 1200euros (Includes Food & Accommodation)

Shakti is a Yogini, Ritual Dancer, Womb Yoga Teacher, Light Language Healer,Bodyworker, Sacred Feminine Facilitator and Yoga Teacher Trainer. She has 15years experience in teaching and facilitating.
Shakti’s life path has been filled with discovering mystical teachings from many gifted teachers. As a deep seeker she has uncovered many treasures along her journey and is passionate in offering those looking to embrace deep inner work a safe space to gently unveil their inherent gift’s and personal medicine. http://earthwiseyoga.ie/about-shakti-2/

Fiona Hughes
Fiona developed a deep interest in Goddess Spirituality, ritual, and the Divine Feminine over
20 years. A professional psychotherapist and yoga practitioner, Fiona is passionate about
integrating the paths of yoga, movement and psychology.
She works extensively with survivors of sexual abuse, has a special interest in women’s
issues and women’s health and has many years of experience working with women and
women’s groups.

Aoibhinn Hyland:
Aoibhinn is a Mother, Healer & Yogini. Dedicated to the healing arts she is continuously evolving her natural gift as a Shaman and Medicine Woman. Aoihbinn has been working as an energy therapist for the past 5years. Her area of experience are in Kundalini Reiki, IET, Magnified healing and light language channeling. She is a qualified yoga teacher. Her work has the capacity to awaken those who are open to their highest potential.