Goddess Rising (Workshop 1)

Connection to sacred source – nourishment from deep within (October 22nd).

This workshop will focus on ancient tantric practices for women, delving into our temple of our feminine bodies as we rekindle the relationship between with our heart and our womb.

  • Womb yoga – greeting the womb with love
  • Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation
  • Mantras

Goddess’s Rising (Workshop 2)

Unveiling the sensual self – moving in sacred circles (November 19th)

This workshop will be an exploration into the natural occuring serpertine movements of the female body, through the art of bellydance we can express our playful sensual nature

  • Blessing the Womb space
  • Goddess ritual
  • Yoga
  • Bellydance

Goddess Rising (Workshop 3)

Reclaiming the wild woman – the lioness unleashed (December 10th)

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to shake off our limitations and inhibitions. When we reclaim our right as wild women we can release deep conditioning and restore a sense of freedom within ourselves.

  • Drumming
  • Voicework
  • Expressive Dance
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Facilitator: Shakti

Shakti is honoured to offer this workshop, she feels a deep longing to reclaim the power and the beauty of the sacred feminine and to help women reconnect with their essence, to reclaim their uniqueness and their gift’s, uncovering the magnificence of the Sacred Feminine.

She is a Moon Mother offering blessings for women, and teaches Womb Yoga, which is a practice that honours the cyclic nature of women. She has been practising bellydance for 10 years and led bellydance workshops as a way of celebrating the feminine body. Shakti is a co-creator of Wexford Red Tent, a monthly women’s circle.

Shakti is a fully accredited 500hr yoga teacher with 11 years experience teaching yoga. She is the founder of Earthwise yoga, a peaceful yoga sanctuary in rural South-East Ireland.