Sacred Women’s Retreat~Greece


ॐ Sacred Women’s Retreat 14th – 21st May 2017 Evia, Greece ॐ

During this retreat, we ignite our sacred fires of transformation within, bringing light, vitality and awareness into our daily lives.

Through ritual and ceremonial practice, we explore movement and dance, journeying deep inside our bodies as a way to rediscover these female archetypes, acknowledging and honouring the aspects of womanhood that need room for expression. This retreat gives space to unveil the potential and uniqueness of our sacred gifts and to move into the fullness of our individuality.

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ॐ Bellydance

Bellydance celebrates the female body. Through these practices we entice Prana Shakti (goddess energy) to move through our bodies, giving us freedom to rediscover the natural occurring movements of the female body. Bellydance has been linked to ancient fertility rituals, and also as a means to prepare a woman’s body to give birth. The dance gives women the freedom to express their creative energy. It also gives us room to express our emotions and brings us back to our sensual nature.

ॐ Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga is a practice that honours the cyclic nature of women, connecting to the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle, womb yoga offers guidance of how to practice yoga to restore balance throughout this cycle. Menstruality is a gateway for each woman to access her unique calling. Through consciously working with our menstruality, through Womb Yoga, we provide a channel for restoring the power of the feminine into all areas of our lives.

ॐ Goddess Ceremonies

Through goddess ceremonial practice we create an energy shift which aligns us to an awakened perception to our inner sacred feminine. We will gather in circle for devotional singing, goddess mantras, fire ritual and goddess offerings.

The retreat includes:

Vinyasa and Yin Yoga

Womb Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Goddess Mantras


Goddess Ceremonies

Natural Skincare Products Workshop

Sacred Site Visit & Hot Springs (optional)

Womb Blessing Meditation


ॐ Healthy Delicious Meals


ॐ Daily Retreat Programme:

• 7:00 – 9:00 am Yoga Asana, Opening the lotus to Prana Sakti Mudra, Heart womb River Breath, Womb Blessing  Meditation

• 9:00 am Breakfast

• 11:00 am Bellydance/Goddess circle/Yoga Nidra

• 1:00 pm Lunch and free time to enjoy the facilities

• 4:00 – 6:00pm Yin Yoga/ Womb Yoga

• 6:30 pm Dinner

• 8:30 pm Goddess Ceremony

Sunshine House Retreat Centre 

ॐ Facilities include:

• Library
• Herbal Steam Bath
• Spacious Living room
• Outside BBQ area
• Swimming Pool
• Large shady garden patio and lawn
• Free WiFi
• Bicycles








The Teachers


Shakti is a fully accredited 500hr yoga teacher with 11 years experience teaching yoga. She is the founder of Earthwise yoga, a peaceful yoga sanctuary in rural South-East Ireland. She is the main teacher on the Earthwise Yoga Teacher Training course.

She is a Moon Mother offering blessings for women, and teaches Womb Yoga, which is a practice that honours the cyclic nature of women. She has been practising bellydance for 10 years and led bellydance workshops as a way of celebrating the feminine body. Shakti is a co-creator of Wexford Red Tent, a monthly women’s circle.

Shakti has a deep respect for the powerfully transformative potential of yoga and about sharing her understanding with others. she feels inspired to help women reconnect with their essence, to reclaim their uniqueness, uncovering the magnificence of the Feminine.


Fiona Hughes

Fiona Hughes is a professional accredited Psychotherapist MIAHIP, ICP with post grad qualifications in both Group Therapy and Integrative Body Work. She has facilitated women’s groups and has taught bellydance to women over the past 15 years.

She has been part of the co-creation of the Red Tent Women’s Sacred Circle in Wexford. Fiona is a certified Sacred Living Menopause Mentor and a newly qualified Yoga Teacher. Much of her work is with women in the area of sexuality and empowerment.

She is passionate about encouraging women to reclaim, reconnect and be proud of their bodies just as they are.