❊ ❊ ☾Body Temple Medicine☽ ❊ ❊

Body Temple Medicine is a 9 day residential immersion of reclaiming the sacredness of the feminine body. During our time together you will be gently invited to discover deep meaning encoded within the Sacred Body Temple.  To fully embody all that we truly are we must reclaim our body as a Temple from which we can access the inner realms of our multidimensional being. For us to re-establish this level of connection we must start with becoming comfortable in our physicality, this is a sacred and intimate journey that is unique to every woman but once we move beyond superficial programming of our bodies we can begin to discover that our feminine bodies are a source of great magical power.  This is a path of beauty, authenticity, humility, truth, rawness, integrity, vulnerability, wisdom & intuitive power, a path to integrate our humanity with our Divine Feminine essence.

We ignite this reconnection to the body temple through ritual dance practices, light language healing, meditation, ceremony & sharing circles.

Beloved Sisters’ you are most welcome to join me for a  transformational journey of re-awakening the Body Temple.

Course Components

Module 1- Shiva & Shakti

Divine Masculine and Feminine
Ceremony to meet the Divine Feminine within,

Module 2 – History of women

 From Matriarchy to Patriarchy
Ceremony healing core wounds of the Feminine

Module 3 – Ancestors

Mother Consciousness
Red thread ceremony to honour the Mother-line
Womb wisdom – connection to Sacred Source

Module 4 – Body Image

Rediscovering the Sacred Body Temple
Ceremony- Body Temple Blessings
Ritual Dance

Module 5 – Reclaiming womb  Consciousness

Ceremony, Womb Cleansing healing & blessing
Lunar Rituals
Womb Care and breast health

Module 6 – Yoni

Sacred Yoni & female Alchemy
Ceremony – Honouring the Yoni Sacred Holy Space
Yoni health, herbal Yoni steam

Module 7 – Body Prayer

Dance of Feminine, Bellydance,
fertility dance.

Module 8 – Wild Woman Medicine

Ritual Dance
Earth Magic

Module 9 – Path of Love

Crafting inner rituals to honour the Goddess within,
Practices of Self love


Dates: June 2021

Cost- 1200euros (Includes Food & Accommodation)