❊ ❊ ☾Body Temple Medicine☽ ❊ ❊

Body Temple Medicine are a series of workshops inviting each woman to come home to the sacredness of their body temple & the deep inherent wisdom within their womb. This women’s empowerment workshops are intended to re-awaken the awareness of the female body as a powerful vessel with the ability to birth new way’s of being in the world as well as new life.

We ignite this reconnection to the body temple through guided dance practices, meditation, ceremony & sharing circles. Once we embrace our divine feminine nature it opens up portals for the essence of the goddess to re-emerge in our Society.
Each woman now that steps onto this path is opening up the space for the healing of the feminine all around the globe. At this pivotal time of global transformation and awakening the healing of the feminine is of utmost importance to create a mass shift in human evolution.

If you feel the call to reconnect with the Goddess within these workshops can greatly support that journey of re-awakening the power of the feminine.

Circle 1
Connection To Sacred Source
March 8th

Connecting with womb wisdom brings us home to presence & power of the deep feminine within. This workshop offers an inward journey of rediscovering the blood mysteries & feminine cycles as sacred. Delving into the temple of the female body we will activate the womb consciousness through guided Meditation,breathwork & Womb Yoga. These ancient tantric practices gently rekindle the relationship between the fire of the heart and the wisdom within the womb.

Circle 1 includes:

Womb yoga – greeting the womb with love
Womb cleansing & healing
Womb activation meditation
Sacred Sounds

Circle 2
Moving In Sacred Circles
April 12th

Exploring the ancient art of bellydance is a way of
discovering the naturally occurring serpentine
movements of the female body. The serpentine
movements represent whats known as shakti,
the primordial cosmic energy of creation.
Through bellydance also known as dance of the
womb, we will discover our own shakti energy
and creative potential, the dance connects us
with a deep current of life force energy that
flows within.
Bellydance is a celebration of the feminine, a
fertility dance, a dance of sisterhood, a dance
of the womb & the heart.

Ritual Dance
Body Temple Blessings
Dance of the Womb
Womb Yoga
Sister Circle

Circle 3
Connecting With Roots
May 10th

Working with the medicine of wild woman we
reconnect with the natural intelligence within our bodies accessing deep
insight and ancient knowing.
Through Body Prayer & Ritual Dance we access what is natural and instinctual strengthening our roots and deepening our connection
with the earth.

Ritual Dance
Body Prayer
Earth Magic
Sister Circle