Weekly Classes

Earthwise Yoga Weekly Timetable 



  • Monday 7pm – 4 Week Introduction to Yoga Course – Starts first Monday of the month
  • Tuesday 7pm – Yoga Level 2
  • Wednesday 7pm – Yoga Level 1
  • Thursday 10am – Yoga Level 2

Our Classes

True to the ancient roots of yoga, our classes emphasize developing awareness (mindfulness)

  • Asana (yoga postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation)
  • Meditation

Introduction to Yoga Course 

BOOK NOW for our next Introduction to Yoga course: courses begin on the first Monday of each month

Our Introduction to Yoga courses are perfect for the total beginner: the focus is on gentle yoga movements that help soothe and ease the body from aches and pains. This is a nourishing practice focusing on joint mobility, releasing muscle tension, giving the body the opportunity to relax. Classes include a pranayama practice and end with a deep relaxation.

Monday 7pm

Yoga Level 1

This course is designed for people who have completed our Introduction to Yoga Course or those who already have some yoga experience. The classes focus on alignment and developing body awareness. Through asana we gently build strength and flexibility in the body cultivating health and fitness.

Wednesdays 7PM

Yoga Level 2

Level 2 classes focus on a flowing movement with the breath and working deeper into the poses with the support of the teacher. These energising classes work between the balance of holding poses and movement through vinyasa flows, working more into the esoteric aspect of yoga, with emphasis on chakra awareness and the movement of prana (life force energy) through the body with specific breath awareness during asana (yoga postures) practice. Classes conclude with a pranayama practice and meditation/relaxation, leaving the practitioner deeply rejuvenated.

Tuesday 7pm & Thursdays 10AM

Yoga class pricing

  • Yoga Level 1 and 2: Concession cards for 5 classes €50 – Concession cards are valid for a period of ten consecutive weeks and must be used within that period.
  • 4 Week Introduction to Yoga Course: €40
  • Drop-in rate: €12


  • Shakti 0873694509
  • Chat with us on FACEBOOK 
  • email us at welcome@earthwiseyoga.ie

You create a really good environment for students to relax and learn. There is an understated authority in how you teach. That gives the student the opportunity to feel safe and to trust in where you guide them”

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