Wexford Red Tent


We are delighted and honoured that Red Tent Wexford are holding Red Tent gatherings here at Earthwise Yoga.

We will gather in a circle to share with one another and continue the process of talking about the things we don’t talk about!

Please bring something to sit on and a comfy blanket. Many women like to wear something red to the Red Tent 🙂

For further information contact Fiona Hughes 0866016565

So what is a “Red Tent” all about?

According to Red Tent Wexford:

“Published in 1997, ‘The Red Tent’ was a novel – a magical, ancient story told by Anita Diamant about the life of Dinah, daughter of Jacob.

In ancient times it is thought that the Red Tent was a New Moon lodge, where women gathered every month during the time of menstruation. A sacred space for women only, a place to meet in the company of other women, to support each other in times of transformation, birth, death, need, grief, joy and fun. A space where bonds between women were made, traditions handed down and the big life-lessons were taught.
Diamant’s novel was a best seller and it captured the hearts and minds of women all over the globe and their longing for this deep and meaningful connection with other women and the cycles of their lives.

Red Tents are emerging everywhere around the world. The Red Tent is a place to rest, to come away from the busyness of our lives as women. It is for women in every stage of their lives. In the Red Tent there are no expectations, no competition, nothing to be achieved, just an invitation to be present and connect with ourselves and others in an honest and real way.”

Monthly gatherings take place at Earthwise Yoga. Make sure to check out the Wexford Red Tent Facebook page.